Mammal Mondays: Quest is a Peach

Last week, The Electrician and I took in our first foster dog through Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS.) Her name is Quest, and we’re madly in love with her.

When she first arrived, the poor dog was skinny, and terrified of everything, because living in a house with actual food and people who wanted to keep her safe and warm was a totally new concept. I’m thrilled to report that lovely Quest is thriving! She is gaining weight noticeably every day, and she is positively glowing with happiness. I brushed her stem to stern three days after she got here (and every day afterward) and she basks in the attention, even letting me clip her nails in the bargain.

Quest is at the vet’s right now for her spay surgery, and I miss her. I feel bad that she’s in a kennel again in a strange place, especially when she warmed up so nicely living at the dollhouse. The good news is she’ll be “fixed” the next time I see her, and she won’t be able to contribute to the tragedy of pet overpopulation that leaves countless amazing animals like her cold and hungry. It’s all good, even if my heart hurts that she’s scared and wondering where the heck we went.

We’ve had several inquires about this beautiful pooch, but no follow-through as of yet. As much as we adore her, The Electrician and I are eager to find her an excellent home; we’re getting way too attached to this temporary houseguest. Even Sherman thinks she’s the bees’ knees.

Oh dear. Look at that silky dog. She is a true delight and I am in love with her. 

Please pass the news along about this gentle, loving critter if you know anyone looking for a mid-sized dog with low milage, all available features, and a slender frame. If you want to add a dog to your family who’s a little smaller, or bigger, or less shaggy, go to to check out the list of pets in care who are waiting for their families.

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  1. I’m so glad it’s going well!

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