Guess What Hit the Fan?

No, no, nothing like that.

Our snow arrived this weekend, blown in on a fierce wind. Now that it’s officially winter, I am feeling pretty yucky about the weather, and all the bad roads and freezing cold days that will be coming along with it.

The Electrician and I walked the dogs tonight after the blizzard let up. It was chilly and not one sidewalk in our neighbourhood was shoveled yet, but at least we caught a brief glimpse of those Hallmark card winter scenes. Wind chill is of the devil, so I’m glad we could enjoy some time together where the air was still. I think people who live in warm climates imagine Canadian winters in idealized terms, where the drifts sparkle and everyone gets around in one-horse open sleighs instead of praying their SUVs (kitted out with snow tires and all-wheel drive) don’t slide though the glassy intersections or climb the light posts. I hate winter from the pit of my belly and I’m happy to be totally honest about that.

I’m trying not to feel sorry for myself now that the weather has shifted. During our beautiful Alberta summers, it’s easy and understandable to sweep the whole “Great White North” thing under the carpet, but by mid-September I start dreading the cold half of the year. If you don’t live here, you won’t understand that we really can have snow on the ground for at least a full six months. Sad but true, my friends. If you do actually live here, I bet you just did the math and felt empty inside: sorry about that. Let me take a moment to remind you it’s not even November. You’re welcome.

Thankfully, we are lucky enough to be far, far away from earthquakes and Hurricane Sandy. As much as I might (and will, many times by spring) gripe about the icky, frigid season that is upon us, let me state for the record I am deeply grateful we are not in any danger. As much as Alberta winters make my want to cry, at least I don’t have to evacuate or stockpile supplies.

I also have a big, warm husband to snuggle up to. Somehow, I don’t think this winter will be so bad.

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  1. carolrood says:

    Kay, I lived in South Bend Indiana for three years and Chicago Illinois for 7 years, so I know of gray snowy 6 months out of the year. Then when summer came it was so wonderful, it seems we temporarily forgot hat cold nastiness. SO GLAD you have a warm wonderful hubby to snuggle with. This could be a different kind of winter as your “first married lady winter”. 🙂

    1. Yay for being married to a snuggly man!
      Albertans have exactly the kind of winter amnesia folks in Chicago need to. It’s a survival tactic, as far as I’m concerned.
      It’s so nice to see you stopped in for a visit; thanks for saying hi!

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