Caroline Has Gone Home

Good evening Blue Speckled Pup friends! I am so happy to tell you The Electrician and I took Caroline to her forever home tonight. We are grateful she caught the eye of a wonderful new dad who thinks she’s the most beautiful big girl around. She has a huge yard to play in, a big fluffy bed to snuggle and dream on, and a new person who can’t wait to take her on big walks and road trips. It’s a very happy ending for a girl who had a rough life until coming into the care of Second Chance Animal Rescue Society.

Have a good life, Big Red. 

I’m not going to lie and say it was completely easy to leave Caroline at her new home tonight. As much as I know our foster dogs are staying with us on a temporary basis, it’s hard to keep myself from getting at least a little bit attached. Most likely, it’s just my big soft heart that has a hard time letting go: we mushy people are susceptible to all kinds of emotions when we have to say goodbye. Also, it’s so rewarding to see how much a dog can improve when she is provided with nutrition, boundaries, and affection. The little things make all the difference for living creatures, and we’re so happy to be part of the fostering process.

Tonight, I’m going to snuggle my Sherman Merman and be grateful there’s always going to be a beloved dog in this house.

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    1. We are so excited for her too! Sherman is also rather pleased to have the house to himself again. 🙂

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