A Sparky Family Christmas

After a frantic race to the proverbial finish–defined in more specific terms as the moment the first relative’s knuckles connected with our front door–The Electrician and I have successfully hosted our first Christmas dinner. We also finished our bathroom renovation before people arrived, because nothing provides incentive to finish a renovation project in its 24th month (yes, truly) than a parade of relatives arriving to celebrate the holidays.

One by one, my sweet and I tick the list of annual events off our calendar, noting that we are celebrating each for the first time as people with the same last name. It’s pretty awesome, really. I like being on the same team as such a great human being.

The meal turned out well, even the flan. This was my first attempt at flan, and I narrowly dodged culinary disaster. I was ever so careful in building the water bath for the custard, placing the flan dish in the roaster before adding the boiling water. I watched the clock and removed that bad boy when it had steamed away in the oven for the prescribed length of time. Sadly, when I attempted to slide the very heavy roaster out of my oven, I lifted it too soon and bumped the edge of the pan against the lip of the stove, sloshing a seemingly vast quantity of very hot water over the surface of my flan. I slurped the water off the top of the nearly-set custard with my turkey baster, then cut a hole in the corner of the dessert and continued to remove extra water until I thought it was safe to do so. I removed extra water every twelve hours or so, and dessert was saved. New holiday tradition number seventeen: “I think it’s time to siphon the flan again.”

I hope your holidays have been merry and bright, or jingly, or whatever else the songs tell us they’re supposed to be. I think Christmas, or whatever you and yours celebrate this time of year, is about being together with the people we love and counting our many blessings. We were lucky enough to enjoy time with The Electrician’s family, and my family, and both our families together. This year, my family, old and new, certainly had what Christmas is meant to be.

copyright 2012:  http://bluespeckledpup.com

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  1. Mary says:

    Next year you won’t have to siphon. Glad it all went well, the bathroom renovation was completed, and you are so enjoying the holidays with your news hubs:)
    Will send you a blog invitation today to my new blog.

    1. Hi Mary. I got the invitation: thank you for including me.

      We are ticking things off our list rather rapidly these days, and I’m so glad to be finally done with the bathroom. It’s wonderful to relax in a bubble bath without thinking about all the tasks that still need doing in there.

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