Breaking the Habit

Here we are, folks, three whole days into 2013, and I have not had a Diet Pepsi this year.

Sorry. I suppose I should have warned you before dropping that kind of news. Me without Diet Pepsi is the kind of unsettling minor shock associated with someone replacing the bologna in your sandwich with a piece of vintage shag carpet, or simultaneously changing all stop signs to a delightful shade of heliotrope. A me without Diet Pepsi isn’t earth-shattering, but could definitely knock those who know me well for a bit of a spin.

Lest you start thinking this is some kind of new year’s resolution, one of those mid-winter grasps at health that make people feel more alive when everything outside is dead and frozen, let me tell you the back story. I did not swear at the stroke of midnight to give up aspartame and artificial caramel flavouring–and delicious, delicious carbonation–and move into a new year of sipping water.

At around 7:30 on New Year’s Eve, things took a turn for the ugly in the dollhouse. I’ll spare you the graphic details, but suffice it to say the only thing I embraced at midnight was the toilet in my freshly-renovated main bathroom. Yes, readers, I rang in 2013 in the company of the worst stomach flu in recent history, a flu so violent that I am just now starting to think about food without the room spinning.

While I have been sipping flat Sprite and Ginger Ale, my normal beverage of choice has held zero appeal for more than 72 hours. How many days are necessary to truly break the hold Diet Pepsi has held over me for years remains to be seen, but I think some good could come yet of this horrid, wretched flu. Not to say I don’t miss it, but I need to do something to break the cycle, and it a major bout of something gastrointestinal doesn’t do it, there isn’t much hope for me.

Whatever new things 2013 has brought your way, I hope none are contagious.

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  1. I have to admit (shamefully) that I like diet coke. It’s been a long time since I’ve drunk (yes I’m sure that is the past participle of drink) it regularily and I try not to drink it but I still allow it when I’m eating out which is almost never. One only needs to google aspartame to see how bad it is for us…..(like most things most humans consume)……I hope to kick the habit, I hope you get better soon, and I hope this horrible run on sentence with poor grammar has not upset you! 😉

    1. Hi Madeline, it’s okay to like Diet Coke. I think it’s even okay to drink it, sometimes. What I don’t want to do is be reliant on the stuff to get me through my days like I have been. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition into my life ADP (after Diet Pepsi.) I love that you used “past participle” in a blog comment: you worry to much about my grammarianism, friend.

  2. lexy3587 says:

    Oh no! I think I might have had a similar/same flu as you. But I got mine xmas night – nothing like the gift of puking for 6 hours, thanks Santa! It’s deadly – week later, I’m still not feeling 100% back to normal (though I am eating whatever food I want now, even food that smells like food.). Hope you recover quickly!

    1. I’m looking at it as an immune system based method for getting off the junk food train we all board at Christmas time. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick too, especially if you had any of the same afflictions I had. I shudder to think about it as I sip my Sprite.

  3. Mary says:

    Ohhhhh, you poor thing, that sounds like a horrible flu! It might break your habit though, true.

    I had an addiction to coke zero until I found out it erodes the calcium/bones in my teeth/jaw!
    Hope you feel much better soon!

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