We’re On Island Time

Greetings from beautiful Oahu!

The Electrician and I are enjoying a wonderful ten day honeymoon in Hawaii, only a little more than seven months’ delay after our elopement August 17th. So far, neither of us is sunburned, which is largely a function of how much it’s been raining on this island. Given that a loud man shouted, “Oh sweetheart, we need to find you some sun!” when I walked past him wearing a tank top on our first morning, a little colour might not be a bad thing. I just left a city where weather conditions led to a 100 car pile-up on the major highway, okay? Alberta winters are nasty, so it’s not my fault I’m the colour of a fish belly right now. You think I’m joking, but I really am so white I’m blue: kind of like skim milk.

We’re staying in the middle of the action in Waikiki, but we’ve driven up to the North Shore for the last two days hoping to catch some waves (him) and paddle about in the ocean (me). We’re going to try again for a beach day up north again tomorrow, and hopefully the weather improves, but at the very least we’ve driven all the interstates on this island and seen lots of tropical mist and such. As lost as we sometimes get, it’s comforting to know that finding the ocean means we’ve gone too far so we should point the car in a different direction and try again.

Unless we get very lost in the Dole Pineapple maze while we both have to pee. Panic takes on a whole new meaning when you pass the same broken baby stoller for the third time while both your bladders are hollering in three languages. To be fair, we could have made our way back to the exit at any time, but my husband is the kind of man who hates to leave something unfinished; we needed to find the pineapple and the hula girl before relief was a possibility. There was a victory limp at the end of that maze, let me tell you.

I hope you’re well, wherever you are. I’m grateful for this time away in paradise with my favourite person.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. carolrood says:

    ENJOY! You both deserve a well needed rest! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii! I will live vicariously through you!

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