Mammal Mondays: The Hammock

How does a person know her cat missed her while she was on honeymoon in Hawaii? What clues might she unearth during her first few minutes back home after ten days away from her favourite feline that her absence was noted and not appreciated?

Despite regular visits from my bestie, Miss Sassy, during our honeymoon, Leroy nearly turned himself out the moment The Electrician and I walked through the dollhouse door. Within moments, he was a serious tripping hazard, drooling himself a swimming pool and purring with the gusto of a Harley Davidson. He meowed scales in every key he knows, and a few even I’ve never heard before. It was quite the scene. For a cat who gets worked up when we’re away for so much as a weekend, I expected Leroy to display how much he missed us. What happened on our homecoming broke all his prior records, however.

Overall, the single greatest expression of love from Leroy upon our homecoming happened when I sat down for the pee I’d been holding since the airport. I’d been gone forever in his mind, and I could not get him out of the bathroom; Leroy sits on the edge of the tub when I bathe, so it’s not like we have secrets. Plus, I was desperate enough to ignore the cat.

With a great chirp, the likes of which are not usually heard outside tropical bird sanctuaries, Leroy launched himself into the pants which were around my ankles, quickly making himself a convenient hammock. It was the most awkward moment I’ve had with that cat in a long time.

For obvious reasons, no photos accompany my Mammal Mondays post this week.

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