Mammal Mondays: Meet Kizzy

Yes, that’s right: we’ve got ourselves a Kizzy. Our new foster dog is here in the dollhouse, and she’s a very pretty girl with a very unusual name. Check out this face:

She knows "sit," especially if a person happens to have snacks in hand.
She knows “sit,” especially if a person happens to have snacks in hand.

Mizz Kizz is clearly some sort of shepherd mix–collie is my guess for the rest of the blend. She has great big satellite dish ears that I’m pretty sure get radio stations out of Utah on clear days. Her tail is shorter than you’d expect, but makes up in action what it lacks in length: that thing goes round and round like a propeller, pretty much all the time. I wish you could see her in person, so you could really appreciate how beautiful her markings are.

This lovely girl is about the same size as Sherm, if a little bit taller, and she is so very eager to please. When she’s up to an ideal weight, I’d put her in the ballpark of 70 pounds. She rode silently home in the hatch of the Element, watching the traffic zing by and smiling at me whenever I spoke to her.

When I approached her with her dinner bowl, Kizzy sat, grinned, and then hopped on her bum across the basement carpet to get closer to the groceries. It was the sweetest thing, except that it probably put her at high risk for rug burn on her personal areas. We’ll be working on that one.

Kizzy strikes a pose, and Sherman steals a sniff.
Kizzy strikes a pose, and Sherman steals a sniff.

So far, it’s going exactly like I expected it would. Kizzy is madly in love with The Electrician. He has a way with creatures, maybe because they look at his furriness and see a kindred spirit. Kizzy likes me, but she doesn’t get all tied up in wiggles when I pet her like she does for him. This is my burden, I suppose, being second-rate in my own house. Considering I’m a softer touch for animals than he is, perhaps it’s for best that they all suck up to him.

That's a very scratchable tummy!
That’s a very scratchable tummy!

Here we are, with a gorgeous new foster dog looking for a loving, permanent home. If you or someone you know is looking for a wonderful companion, please get in touch with SCARS and make arrangements to meet Kizzy. She is fully vaccinated, spayed, and ready to give her heart to the right people. Click here to read her profile, which I’ll be updating later this week.

For the record, I’m also fully vaccinated, spayed, and housebroken, but my heart is already spoken for.

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