Mammal Mondays: Kizzy Has Gone Home!

Apparently, the dollhouse is a lucky stop for foster dogs. Miss Kizzy was adopted this weekend after a record five day stay with The Electrician and me. I believe this fabulous news calls for a woo hoo!

Kizzy is now a proud and beloved member of an awesome family with four humans (two big, two little) and two cats. Her new people report she is doing very well, and I have received heart-warming photos of her snuggling with the smallest human members of her new “pack.” I’m thrilled for such a happy ending to the story of one lovely dog who had a bumpy start to life.

I think sometimes folks hear the term “rescue” and assume the dog will be a basket case or will have been abused beyond rehabilitation. Believe me, for most of our dogs, the worst part of their problems end when they are brought into SCARS’ care and have a chance at a healthy and joyful future. Dogs are remarkably resilient critters who often heal (both physically and emotionally) far faster and more fully than even the optimistic among us anticipate. Ironic that people can be both animals’ greatest danger and only hope, isn’t it?

As of today, the dollhouse success count is five foster dogs successfully homed since September. Five! I’m excited about that number, since it’s a full hand for counting. As I’ve said to my fabulous husband lots lately, I’m proud to be part of the effort that means those five dogs are alive, well, and loved today. Quest, Caroline, Vana, Bernadette, and Kizzy have passed through our little home on their way to new lives, and we’re happy to have helped make a little difference in our sliver of the world.

I’m sure it won’t be long before another hairy houseguest joins us on the path to a forever home. We’re kind of hitting our stride, here.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Well done!! You make a BIG difference in those lovely lives and I’m sure The Universe is watching. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Those animals are fortunate to have come across you!

  3. Mary R says:

    These sweet furry-people are lucky to have you!

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