Legends on a Wednesday Evening

After waiting for months on end, I finally got to use the single most expensive event ticket I’ve every purchased and saw Fleetwood Mac live last night.

That’s right: Fleetwood Mac! My 219 dollars and change bought a seat pretty far up (you don’t want to know what floor seats were worth) but we had a great view of the stage. I went with four other ladies who work at my school, and it might be an accurate statement I was the most excited person in the group. Not in the audience however, since there were a number of women dressed as Stevie from various points in her career: my favourite wore a liquid pewter sequin tunic and sported more backcombing than Edward Scissorhands.

I’d never been to see a major, major group in concert before, so seeing Stevie and everyone else was a big stinkin’ deal to me. Very few of the bands I listened to growing up, and even those older groups I’ve become more familiar with as an adult, are still intact enough to tour. Fewer still care enough after all this time to put on a show worthy of their original fame and of the steep price of a ticket.

Fleetwood Mac certainly did not disappoint. I’m still impressed by the energy and passion the featured band members, most of whom are at retirement age, pour into performances. They worked harder on stage than I think many current and modern acts do, maybe because they truly mean what they sing.

I was moved by the chemistry on stage between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, and I can’t imagine spending decades on stage with a person whose role in my life kept changing. I felt the old aches and scars that fueled the songs they wrote for one another across the stages of their relationship. When Mick announced that May 15th was the 38th anniversary of the first time Stevie and Lindsey performed live with Fleetwood Mac, I couldn’t believe they have been working together so long, and with so much history behind them. I realize Lindsey took a break from the band for quite a while, but seeing them perform together suggested a seamless link between then and now.

Considering how many musicians choose to use recordings when they “perform” live, the thing I appreciated most last night was the fact everything I heard was created right there on stage. Lindsey still fingerpicks with remarkable speed, even if I wondered–based on the odd curl of his fingers–if he’s got a little arthritis these days. Do I care that Stevie has retired her upper range and now sings her pieces a little differently? Not really. After all, there is only one Stevie Nicks; I can say I watched her sing “Rhiannon” live: and it was magical, to say the least. There is no one on the planet with her grace and presence on stage. She’s plenty weird too, a trait I deeply respect.

I have also decided I’m going to drape fringe and glittery beads all over my mic stand if I ever sing live. It’s a classy look.

I imagine I’ll be singing Fleetwood Mac songs for a while now. If you get a chance to see them while they’re touring, don’t miss out. All legends die eventually, and I’m certainly glad I didn’t pass up the opportunity to see some of my favourites.

copyright 2013:  http://bluespeckledpup.com

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