Mammal Mondays: The Red Menace

Life with Charlie is improving daily, a fact for which I’m deeply grateful. Caring for a tenacious puppy in an adult dog’s body is a challenge, not unlike teaching teenagers, really, and she certainly keeps us on our toes. The Electrician is inspired by her to watch The Dog Whisperer on Netflix every chance he gets, and I catch him speaking with a heavy Spanish accent when he talks to the mutts sometimes. I’m just doing my best to be as clear and consistent with our little red houseguest. Some days are certainly better than others.

Tonight, I have a short post that features three photos I think say it all. I tried to snap a few nice shots of Charlie for the SCARS website last night while The Electrician and I were downstairs watching a movie. The outcome pretty much reveals life with a young and hugely energetic dog. Behold:

Pretty much relaxed, but always ready for action.
Pretty much relaxed, but always ready for action.
A sound! Perhaps a beetle farted in the vicinity, or I hear someone lose an eyelash.
A sound! Perhaps a beetle farted in the vicinity, or I heard someone lose an eyelash. 
Let the investigation commence!
Let the investigation commence!

I should point out two things. First, that the three shots above all happened in approximately 1.7 seconds. Charlie regularly goes from (pretty) mellow to fifty miles an hour in the blink of an eye. Also, it’s important you know where she’s dashing in the last photo: straight toward a wall. The poor girl has less than eight feet of runway before the wall of our family room, meaning a quick acceleration, dangerous, Tokyo-drift style turn, and a near-miss with the coffee table before leaping back the other way.

Thankfully, when she loses her marbles in the house, we’re able to redirect her more often than not now and have her focus on something, like going through her short list of two commands. I should also explain that all the fun pictured here happened shortly before midnight on Sunday; this dog does not tucker out, even in the heat.

Sidebar, Charlie never barks. Seriously. She does, however, sing in her sleep. I listened to her crooning along to some song I couldn’t hear with wee chirps and coos during a puppy dream yesterday, and it melted my heart enough to forgive her for digging up my tomato planters, for the second time in twelve hours.

Somewhere out there is a marathon runner looking for a sleek, happy companion. If you know that person, please pass our information along so we can find Charlie the kind of loving home she so deeply deserves.

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