Mammal Mondays: Sleepover with the In-Laws

In case I haven’t mentioned it often enough, my husband is fantastic. Admittedly, I’m a huge fan of hyperbole, but not so much that I’ll claim to have the best husband on the planet. I’m not about to state The Electrician takes home the gold medal for husbandness, being that there are so many men in the world, but I would definitely stake a claim on him making the top three.

Case in point, The Electrician surprised me this past weekend with a trip to Radium Hot Springs to celebrate our first anniversary. He does things like this because he’s a rock star of a husband; he also thinks I’m pretty snazzy and does lovely things to make me smile. While we were away in the Rockies, relaxing in the hot springs, eating ribs, and making sheepish noises at the mountain sheep (not simultaneously) The Electrician had arranged for Sherman to stay with his folks.

That’s right. Where does the dog go when Momma and Dad are away? If he’s really lucky, he goes to stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s place. Like any grandchild, he gets a little bit spoiled on these kinds of weekends.

I got regular photographic evidence that Sherm was enjoying himself as the weekend progressed. Behold:

After a run and a soccer game with Grandpa.
After a run and a soccer game with Grandpa. 


The Electrician’s parents are active people, particularly his dad, so when Sherman went for the weekend he became an instant exercise buddy. During his stay, Sherman averaged one long walk plus a long run each day, in addition to several trips to the off-leash dog park and play time in the back yard. When they got caught in some inclement weather and Sherman became a wet dog who smelled–incidentally–like a wet dog, he returned to the house and had a luxurious bath using his grandmother’s fancy shampoo. He smells like he’s been to the spa, his coat is extra-super glossy and there seems to be a little extra spring in his step; my guess is he knows he looks good.

When we picked Sherman up last night, he was pleased to see us, probably because he was hoping he’d not been totally forgotten. He wasn’t, however, in too big a rush to leave since he lives it up so much at my in-laws. Something tells me he won’t mind if we go out of town again and send him for a sleepover, but right now he’s too pooped to say much about anything.

Thanks to The Electrician’s lovely parents for taking the spotted one for the weekend. We really appreciated a chance to spend a little time relaxing and celebrating a whole year of happy married life.

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