Mammal Mondays: Winter Walking

Sadly, the thing I’ve been fearing for months has happened. I opened my door Sunday morning, and this is what awaited me.

Try not to toss your cookies.
Try not to toss your cookies.

I don’t usually post offensive photos on this little blog, so I apologize if this one caught you unprepared.

Albertan since the day I was born, I really should be winterized by now, but there is nothing about the coldest half of the year that appeals to me. Not one thing. Those cutesy Christmas songs about snowy this and frosty that are a heap of lies. Winter is cold and slippery and dark and gross.

This year, we got lucky and didn’t see a flake until November. That’s a rare thing. Still, it was pretty deflating to see what pounced on us this weekend. Normally, the temperature dips and we get a few little trial skiffs of the white crap before the first big dump, but winter 2013 arrived like an unexpected relative who shows up out of nowhere to stay until Easter. With her mastiff. And a nine-piece drum kit.

Sherman and I went for our first big outside walk of the season tonight. Last night the sidewalks were so treacherously slick that heading out was too risky, so we exercised inside. Sherman would usually prefer to run on his treadmill than be outside when it’s below zero, so he didn’t mind. Tonight, however, I dressed for the weather and braved the elements. It’s only minus ten, and Sherman is hairy enough that he doesn’t mind this kind of weather as long as the wind is mild.

Gone are the days of slipping into a pair of sneakers and heading out for our walks. I’ll probably need to be thoroughly bundled for dog walking from now until at least the end of March. The good news is my new winter coat is long enough to actually cover my bum, so when the inevitable wipe outs happen on the icy sidewalks, at least my padding will have a little extra cushion.

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