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The Electrician and I are working on a number of family goals right now. First, we are trying to watch our dollhouse budget closely since taking my new job required me starting over on the salary staircase. We are also trying to eat more vegetables and less restaurant food. To be honest, The Electrician isn’t too jazzed about the veggie thing, but living longer and in better health is a good thing. As long as I don’t serve brussel sprouts, he doesn’t fuss too much.

This weekend, I decided to knock out a number of birds with one onion, taking inspiration from the zillion crock pot and freezer meals on Pinterest to fill our deep freeze with some wholesome, homemade goodness.

As an aside, I take issue with the number of recipes I keep finding online that call for can after can of processed crap. I appreciate the goal of saving time while cooking things folks will eat, but feeding your family recipes based on pre-made stuff loaded with sodium and corn syrup may not be the best approach. If you’re going to spend an afternoon prepping meals, there are better ways to invest your time than opening a can of Campbell’s this or a package of Lipton that or a bottle of Heinz whatever.

Thus endeth my mini-rant. Eat well, friends.

Step one to marathon cooking and meal assembly is chopping the veggies. Cutting up anything, whether with scissors or with one of my good knives, is one of the worst triggers for my bad hands, but I thought I could take the edge off with a pre-emptive Advil and a little assistance from my mandoline. Between the colour mother nature grew into my veggies and the glory of my Fiestaware, the results were a sight to behold.

Pretty and nutritious!
Pretty and nutritious!


You can’t tell from the photo, really, although I stuck my biggest knife in there as an attempt at providing scale, but that is a heap of vegetable goodness. I prepped a mix of white and sweet onions, parsnip, both celery and carrots at two thicknesses, zucchini, snap peas, garlic, crimini mushrooms, and fresh spinach. To illustrate how much I actually chopped, diced, sliced, and minced, the spinach is on one of my big dinner plates.

After I took the photo, Sherman and I went for our walk. The house smelled so fresh when I came back from the aroma of greens and such that it almost made me forget winter is here to stay.

I made a pot of chicken stew with barley and some of everything you see above for dinner tonight. It was fabulous, due in no small part to those glorious snap peas. While that pot was simmering away, I also made a vat of The Electrician’s favourite: Irish stew. I’ve told him it’s not really Irish stew because I make it with beef and not lamb, but he insists the can of Guinness makes it as Irish as can be. I made at least a dozen meals’ worth of that goodness, and I’m planning to whip up some baking-powder biscuits tomorrow night so we can have a few more meals ready to rock in the freezer. Beef stew is only worth eating if there is something nummy to dunk in it, yes?

Also on the roster, a freezer pack of barbeque beef that will be happy in the crock pot one of these days while we’re at work. There’s also a club pack of pork chops in our fridge that I’ll be turning into freezer to crock pot meals tomorrow. A girl can only prep so much food in one day.

It was a highly-productive day here in dollhouse. On top of all the yummy, healthy food waiting for us, we also managed to watch three Marvel superhero movies. Yay, Sundays at home. Also, I love The Hulk:  green is an awesome colour.

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