Meet Wendy

We have a new guest in the dollhouse. Meet Miss Wendy:

How beautiful is that puppy?
How beautiful is that puppy?

Wendy was surrendered to a rural pound and made her way to Second Chance Animal Rescue through a stroke of doggy luck. She is about 7 months old, weighs more than Sherman already, and has a long way to grow.

I agreed to take a puppy, although we usually only have adult canine house guests, because her sweet face tugged at my heart strings. I fully expected a collie blend pup; I did not, however, anticipate a collie and Great Pyrenees mix. This is a whole lot of dog, with a whole lot of hair. My poor husband is as allergic as allergic can be to her, so we’re hoping her forever family comes along soon.

She is so darn snuggleable.
She is so darn snuggleable.

Wendy is probably the easiest foster dog we’ve had so far. Our little (big) girl has clearly has not been taught commands or manners but is remarkably intelligent. She learns new things almost instantly, and after five days with us sits, heels, comes when called, and goes to her kennel happily when we ask her to. Seriously.

She even let us take her to the dog wash and scrub all the crud out of her flowing locks. There was no struggle, no whining, and she even let me clip her toenails.

Someone is playing up the pathetic vibe.
Someone is playing up the pathetic vibe.

If The Electrician wasn’t so reactive to her, I think we would have  a foster failure on our hands. For the first couple days, I’m pretty sure he was thinking he could tough the allergies out, but he has admitted defeat. Sadly, we are best with short-coated dogs given my husband’s situation. Bless his heart for being willing to foster with me. We’re finding it a really rewarding family project.

As always, this incredible foster dog comes to us courtesy of Second Chance Animal Rescue. You can check out Wendy’s page here or read more about the many gorgeous dogs and cats currently available for adoption.

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