Mammal Mondays: Meet Wanda

After a long break from fostering dogs with Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) here in Edmonton, The Electrician and I decided it was time to once again open our home to a pooch in need. When I say “we” decided, I suppose that means I said to my husband, “So, handsome fella, there is a super cute 6-ish month puppy looking somewhat urgently for a foster home.” And, because he loves me he said, “Okay.”

Yesterday, we picked up a very dirty, matted puppy who was from a rural pound. She is so thin that she would feel “sharp” to pet if it wasn’t for her masses of awful hair.

We name our foster dogs after famous songs. So far, we’ve had a Bernadette, a Sweet Caroline, and a Wendy, and now we have a Wanda!

But seriously:

Wanda 3.jpg
Miss Wanda, fresh from the tub and smelling so, so much better. 

Wait a minute. You’re saying you can’t think of a single song about a Wanda? Come on, people. Mary-Anne and Wanda are the women in the Dixie Chicks song who take care of a no-good, abusive man in, “Goodbye Earl.” I thought it suited our little nugget, who had a rough start but is looking forward to an awesome little life. She’s also very perky in spite of her ordeal.


Wanda the Wonder Dog is fitting in very well. She hates hates hates being crated if there isn’t a human in the room, but she doesn’t mind being shut in the bathroom. I taught her to sit in about three minutes, and now her skinny little butt hits the floor if she so much as thinks I have a treat. This is one smart, beautiful puppy, folks.

And having a bonus puppy keeps me busy while I’m waiting for things to progress with out baby makin’. Because as patient as I am, that process is taking forever.

Hope Monday was reasonably good to you. Wanda sends you a puppy kiss and a tail waggle.


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