Four Pounds!

We have new baby photos! Auntie Pelican brought Alfalfa Sprout and Broccoli Sprout in for another ultrasound today to check their growth and all the other incredible processes that are unfolding as the date we meet our children approaches.

Each baby is now a full two pounds. Two pounds. Each. That is a full four pounds of beloved family members, and that mass is climbing daily.

I am elated to share that our wee ones continue to look just as they should. Both babies are right on track for size and development, and the current estimate puts Alfalfa fewer than 30 grams heavier than their sibling. This is fantastic news in a twin pregnancy, since it suggests both fetuses are receiving adequate nutrients and oxygen.

Auntie Pelican continues to be an absolute champion of gestation. Her husband, as always, is an inspiration; not every guy would be cool with his wife growing someone else’s kids. The Electrician and I are awed by our gratitude to Auntie and Uncle Pelican.

Check out these tiny people:

Alfalfa Nov. 1
Alfalfa Sprout, aka Twin A
Broccoli Nov. 1
Broccoli Sprout, aka Twin B

My brother said to me a few weeks ago that we had some serious determination; he said most people would have given up when this process became as difficult as it did for us. I don’t know if that’s totally accurate, but I think my husband and I knew, in that deepest, private place in our guts, we are supposed to be parents. Even when we couldn’t express why we kept believing, even when we were dealt one empty hand after another, a secret part of us with no name knew these babies would be coming home to us eventually.

To all those people who have loved us, encouraged us, hoped and prayed for us, and been patient with us along this very bumpy road, please know how much we love you and appreciate your support. We cannot wait to introduce you to our cherished Sprouts.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. 2retireez says:

    That is so cool! Imagine the joy when these babies are put into their parents arms!😍😍



  2. westintheeast says:

    I’ve been praying for these babies for years! So excited for you all (including the grandparents!). 🙂

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