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Please don’t show up at my house. I don’t hand out home baked goods to strangers, most of the time.

You are welcome to email me at:

I love hearing from readers, and I respond to all emails as quickly as I can. As always, please feel free to comment on the posts here at Blue Speckled Pup. I make a point of reading all of them –a plug that will probably sound better if this blog ever grows beyond its current small yet dedicated readership.

I’m so glad you’re here.


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  1. Jan says:

    First time reader. Historically a serial lurker. You had me at “Blue Speckled Pup.” Love your thoughtful posts.

    1. Welcome, Jan. Thanks for saying hello, and please drop by any time.

  2. Jess says:

    I just wanted to thank you. For sharing your Augustine-history…I turned 30 last week, and have been suffering from “Ursula” for 20 years! (That’s right – I started when I was 10.) Needless to say, 20 years of really bad advice was starting to depress me. I’ve done every type of therapy imaginable for every doctor I’ve seen to tell me there is nothing physically wrong with me. But the cramps, pain, sickness and other nastiness says otherwise. So last year, my current GYN & I started to discuss hysterectomies. And I was scared. But I found your blog (thru Marlboro Woman:D) and you’ve helped me overcome that fear. Everything you described of Augustine, was my Ursula – maybe they are long lost sisters! (Ursula, because I picture my uterus to be like the evil sea queen/octopus, thing in the Little Mermaid.) Anyway – my surgery is scheduled for Feb 1 – less than 3 weeks away. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jess. I’m so sorry you’ve had a beating from Ursula, again and again and again. I’ve been there and I send you a hug. Good luck on the 1st. The first few days are pretty ugly, but I felt so much better less than a week after Augustine went to the lab that I couldn’t believe I’d suffered with her garbage for so long.

      If you want to, please email me and we can talk privately. There aren’t many young women out there sharing positive hysterectomy stories.

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