Looking Forward to Spring

Instead of yesterday’s funktastic (meaning I was in a funk, rather than being particularly cool) I have decided to write a mini-series about those elements of spring to which I’m most looking forward. Spring is a wonderful time of year, full of renewal and the re-greening of the earth and all its decor. Spring means that the cute baby birdies are snug in their nests, and that the trees are budding. It also means that I’ve got only a short stretch of teaching left until the delights of summer break!

Today, what I’m most looking forward to is going out in my bare feet to barbeque. When the snow has melted and the run-off has dried, I plan to whisk across the sun-warmed planks of my little back patio and enjoy the texture and heat of the wood on my feet. I plan to sit on the edge of the deck and dangle my legs over the side. Sweatpants will be involved. I won’t need a jacket, sweater, or mittens while I wait for the chicken to finish crisping, reading a great book or scratching Sherman in his scratchy places. Maybe I’ll wrap up sliced potatoes with onions, herbs, and slivers of real butter and let them crisp in the way that only happens on a barbeque. I’ll probably take a Pepsi slurpee with me, and sip it rapturously while I wait on the meal. My chicken will be delish, and my potatoes will be delightful, and I will be a happy woman.

What are you looking forward to doing this spring?

copyright 2011: http://bluespeckledpup.com

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