Still Looking Forward to Spring

Yep. I’m still ready for warmer weather and a whole lot less snow. I was driving home from school today, thinking about what I want to do when the seasons finally change, and I decided that right now, I really miss driving with the window open. I tried it a couple of weeks ago, and it just wasn’t time yet: my teeth ached and my glasses fogged up.

Please understand that I don’t regularly cruise around in the Element with the windows down. Curly heads can’t get away with such vehicular abandon. Straight-haired people can get a little wind-tossed, whip out a brush, and smooth the situation over. Curly heads are a frizzy mess until the next shower, or at least until we find a spray bottle and a bottle of mousse. I also hate the impromptu tooth flossing that seems to happen when I sing and drive with the windows open. Sometimes, it’s safer to just open the windows during the radio commercials, since I don’t always have a clip, hat, or big honkin’ barette in the Element to save me from myself.

So, I rarely drive more than a block or two with the wind in my face, but every now and again, I can’t resist flicking the button that rolls down my driver’s side window with a single push, and gulping the fresh air that pours in from outside. There’s something about the air in the spring that I can’t get enough of. You know the way your sweetie smells right out of the shower? Even though he smells pretty darn nice most of the time, right after a shower there is something about the way he smells that makes you feel like someone just handed you a cupcake with extra cream cheese frosting? That’s how I feel about the delectable freshness of spring. I’ll share my feelings about cream cheese frosting another day. I can only handle so much joy at once. Today, it’s all about the (periodically) open car window.

In only a few short weeks, I’ll pull out onto the main avenue in front of my school, pop the window button, crank my I-pod, and pretend I’m cool.

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