At the Front of My Mind

I am here for a purpose, and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth, I will apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all, and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.

–Og Mandino

In the middle of looking forward to spring, I am thinking about the future in a big way. I am making this quotation the basis of my goals for 2011. My goal is to become the biggest mountain I can in terms of my own goals and my own life. There is no competition here. I’m not trying to make my mountain cast a shadow on anyone else’s.

I am on board with the idea that in the big picture, I am that wee grain of sand. I know that the little sufferings and successes of my own life don’t really change the world beyond the ripples in my pond. That doesn’t matter. The minnow doesn’t know there are other ponds, and it seems to be happy flitting around its own little world.

What I want to stress to myself is that I can’t think of my life in terms of such insignificance, or my life will zing by me without me really digging in and experiencing it. I need to make use of the gifts I’ve been given. I need to recognize my potential, even in the ways that might seem insignificant.

It’s all relative. I’m growing myself this year, and I’m going to squeeze every drop I can out of my potential. The good news is that it’s only February, so I’ve still got lots of time to work with.

I teach Tim Burton’s Big Fish as an English 20-2 film study. In the film, the protagonist describes a phenomenon whereby a goldfish will only grow as big as the bowl it swims in allows. If the goldfish is only kept in a tiny bowl, no one will ever know just how big that scaly little sucker could get.

This year, I’m building a bigger bowl. Cue the 80’s hair band inspirational power ballad. Here we go!

Glass houses - Domestic goldfish - Domestic goldfish ....all alone in a glass bowl by Steve Morvell

I borrowed this super-cool painting from

This one is not my work. Big props to the painter, a talented dude named Steve Morvell.

copyright 2011:

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