Blue Speckled Pup: Unplugged

I’ve been working hard on my goal of writing at least one post for my little blog each day for a whole year. So far, I’ve been keeping up nicely, generally writing a post each evening, then doing a quick second edit and posting it to the wide world of the internet every morning before work or after a glorious sleep-in.

Due to the fact that I was freezing my butt off in the forest three days of this past week, I missed two posting days. Not to worry, faithful readers, I worked on the ideas for two posts huddled in my many, many layers of clothing. They’re all laid out in my brain, ready to blossom on the page like whatever was growing in that bowl I found at the back of my fridge last weekend.

So, dear readers, if you missed me while I was gone, you’re in good company. Leroy is attempting to climb into my lap, drooling steadily. Thanks for not following his example. Stay tuned for the posts I cooked up for you in the forest. One is about swearing. Actually, it’s about not swearing, and I think it will make you smile.

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