Mammal Mondays: Droolin’ Fool

I’ve posted in the past about Leroy’s habit of salivating when he’s happy. For a snuggle bug like him, a warm lap is the happiest place on Earth.

If someone is sitting down in the dollhouse, Leroy will try everything he can to install himself firmly on that person’s lap. He has a habit of startling guests almost beyond repair when he tries to snag a snuggle on the toilet. A lap is a lap to this kitty.

Last weekend, while The Electrician and I were watching a rip-roaring spy movie, Leroy crept up behind the couch, waiting for exactly the right moment, then launched himself (I don’t know how) over the top of the sofa and directly onto my sweetie’s lap. He began purring in mid-air, and drooling shortly after touchdown. If the cat was a Boeing, the folks on board wouldn’t have gotten their iPhones turned back on before there were puddles.

Less than two minutes after Leroy landed, The Electrician looked like this. Have I ever told you he’s allergic to cats? The man puts up with a great deal of itching for me.

Oh Leroy, you're such a drip.

The only way to prevent an impromptu wet t-shirt contest around here is to lock Leroy in the extra bedroom (he’s not allowed in mine) and hope he waits awhile before he starts crying and pawing at the doorknob. I feel bad for the guy.

After all, how can you say no to a face like this:

Maybe I should buy him a bib.

For the record, those hairy fingers do not belong to me.

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