I’ll Be Immature Forever

For The Electrician’s birthday last year, I packed him into the car and took him by surprise to Jurassic Forest, which is a walk-around adventure park not far from Edmonton. At Jurassic Forest, visitors walk trails through the wilderness and enjoy the natural sights of the Alberta. The best part about all this is the dinosaurs. There are life-sized dinosaurs of all makes and models, roaring, flapping, laying eggs, and doing other giant lizard stuff.

I am pretty sure I was the only person only the age of seven who was roaring back at the dinosaurs.

I like doing stuff meant for kids, minus the munchins. True, I have no kidlets, so I’d need to borrow a few to visit children’s attractions without getting strange looks from the other attendees. It’s just a lot of fun to enjoy the whimsical attractions as an adult, and briefly forget about the mortgage, the time until next payday, and the gunk I really need to scrape out of the dollhouse gutters.

Today, my cousin, The Electrician, and I are heading down the highway to The Enchanted Forest outside Revelstoke, BC. It’s exactly what it sounds like. We’ll be walking around the lush mountain woods, where classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales are represented in vignettes among the trees. I have pictures of me, about nine or ten, touring the same little attraction with my folks, so this is a familiar trip from long ago for me.

Going to kids’ places without kids is a great way to spend an afternoon. I won’t have to wipe any sticky little faces or defuse any explosive temper tantrums. Thankfully, I don’t need to bag diaper wipes. I can whistle in relief that those kids shrieking like banshees and turning aubergine will not be heading home in the backseat of my car. Granted, I won’t get to see any wee faces light up with joy over seeing their favorite stories brought to “life,” but The Electrician has never been to The Enchanted Forest before, so I’ll have to be content with seeing his face illuminated with excitement where it isn’t covered by beard.

copyright 2011:  http://bluespeckledpup.com

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