Good One!

On our way out of The Enchanted Forest yesterday, my cousin, The Electrician and I were heading through the gates of the castle that marks the entry, pointed at the parking lot and thinking ahead to the homemade ice cream waiting for us at the D Dutchmen Dairy in Sicamous, when a tiny child tore away from her parents and streaked off down the cobblestones.

Unfortunately, wee sandaled feet don’t navigate hills well, and the little girl fell rather spectacularly onto the bricks. She landed, of course, on her face, and three seconds later burst into emphatic tears.

In the space between the fall and the wail, my cousin quipped, “Good one,” hoping that if the child realized there was nothing to be upset about, she would keep her shrieking to a minimum. Actually, the little girl cried for less than a minute before realizing she was just fine, if a little dusty, and continued on with her day.

The best part of all this was the fact that the little blondie, two years old at the most, was holding one of those striped old fashioned candy sticks (think candy cane without the bent bit) recently purchased in the Enchanted Gift Shop. Although she was lying face down in the dirt before she realized what happened, that candy didn’t touch the ground; somehow, despite landing on her eyebrows on the cobblestones, the tiny girl held her candy aloft like a dimpled Lady Liberty, and it survived unscathed.

As a fellow sweets enthusiast, I say, “Good one, child.”

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ron Hotte says:

    The Enchanted Forest is where our son, Dwayne proposed to his wife.

    1. Kay at Blue Speckled Pup says:

      That’s sweet. I bet she didn’t suspect a thing until he asked her.

  2. Cinderella says:

    Nice candy save – glad that she was okay after that fall!

  3. bd says:

    even when your big its ok to take a trip to little once in awhile!!

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