Paddle Happy

Last Thursday, I took up lane swimming, a hobby I swore up and down for years was for old people, or at least really boring individuals who wanted to kick back and forth with chlorine between their teeth and pool tile scuff marks on the bottoms of their feet. Behind this aversion is largely the fact that, for several decades, I didn’t know anyone under the age of 50 who swam lengths for exercise.

I started primarily because of the pool’s proximity to the school where I teach. Since the pool shares a parking lot with my school, it will be easy to drive to work extra super stupid early, put in half an hour in the water, shower, mascara, and be easily on time to teach. Any of my previous efforts to exercise in the mornings have bombed because the drive to the gym and back means I have to get up two hours early if I don’t want to teach smelling like armpits due to lack of time for a shower before school. I am not a morning person, so the whole two hours early business won’t fly. I also get a pretty nifty discount on my swimming pass as a school board employee, which sweetens the deal.

After swimming laps twice now, for 30 minutes Thursday and more than 40 minutes today, I am surprised at how relaxing I find paddling back and forth. “Actual” swimmers, please don’t panic: I can swim properly, but I prefer to use a relaxing term like “paddling” to describe my mini voyages from wall to wall in the pool. Think of (ugh) running; you get a very different impression when a person describes gliding along the path instead of referring to her workout as hoofin’ down the pavement. See? Paddling it is.

I already take a deep water aquasize class every weekend during the school year, and I’m hoping my back and forth swims will add to my cardiovascular health. I quite enjoy being in the water, maybe because my zodiac sign is Cancer and I’m a water baby. My momma also made me take all the Red Cross swimming levels when I was a kid, much to my chagrin at the time, so I have a large enough repertoire to keep me from getting bored in the portion of an hour I spend in the pool every few days.

At the very least, I’ll have an excuse to buy cute new bathing suits more regularly. I wore the last one to the brink of scandal, and it made me nervous the last few times I wore it to aquasize. Will I look like I’m going faster if I invest in a vertical stripe or a lightning bolt type pattern?

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Cinderella says:

    Hi Kay.
    Swimming is supposed to be really good for all of your muscles and also for cardio.
    I ought to do it. I will when someone builds a heated infiniti lap pool in my backyard with a wave machine:)

    1. Kay at Blue Speckled Pup says:

      Oooh, you’re so right about the lap pool, Cinderella. Mine will need a heated bubble over top, though, since it’s regularly 40 below here in the winter.

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