Locked In

Against the laws of time and space, and also against my better judgement, I signed up to write the 3-Day novel contest over the Labour Day long weekend. The fledgling idea that struck me in the alley behind the dollhouse last week has sprouted enough feathers that I think I can coax the darn thing off the ground. That said, I can’t guarantee I won’t end up with a smoldering pile of plot line by Monday afternoon, but I only have $55 and a long weekend to lose here. (For the curious among you, smoldering plot line smells a little like burnt hair and a lot like the Easter egg you didn’t find until August last year.)

In light of this decision, I hereby issue a challenge to all Blue Speckled Pup readers, far and wide. Go do something really hard. Attempt something scary. Conquer something that intimidates the heck out of you. Get outside your comfort zone for a few hours and see how much you can accomplish. Chances are, you’re far more incredible than you’re willing to admit.

Let me know what you attempt, and please be sure to share how awesome you feel when you’ve reached your goals. We love comments here at BSP! If you succeed, you have my full permission to write “Rock Star” on a t-shirt with green Sharpie and strut around your house.

Heck, since I’m feeling generous today, I’ll personally ship a green Sharpie to the person who wrestles down the best challenge. You’ll have to supply your own t-shirt.

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  1. shanna says:

    Im totally interested, please excuse my lack of grammar but im sure my keyboard is set up to the wrong language setting, i lack the use of any commas, periods, quotations or excalmations, and such, the rest i will blame for improper upbringing, so what are the rules ( how does it work) is it all about animals . . .cause I have a crazy story about this little crazy little dog I own, who has an almost human personality. If not I have a crazy story just about life in general (human life that is) . let me know . cause im definiately game. If not cheers to you your stories are great

    1. Kay at Blue Speckled Pup says:

      Hi Shanna,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. At the moment, I’m asking people to leave the stories of the big, seemingly impossible challenges they conquer. If you want to leave such a story in these comments, you’re most welcome to.
      If you would rather share a story about your dog, please feel free to send the story in an email to bluespeckledpup@gmail.com, and I may share it with your permission in a future post. I love hearing about other people’s pets. It’s amazing how much like people dogs can be, isn’t it?


  2. shanna says:

    Thanks so much, I think Im up for the seemingly impossible conquests challenge. Just have to get this darn keyboard fixed to allow me some punctuation lol.

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