Tuesday Was the Pits

Yesterday was a mostly awesome Tuesday. I’m almost surprised to admit it, since my Tuesday teaching schedule is the most hectic of my week, and I’m usually dragging my sorry self around by 3:20. This week for some reason, my Tuesday was sa-moooth.

Here’s how it went: I dropped Sherman off at daycare, which put me a little bit late for my swim, but I still swam back and forth and back and forth; I even managed to restrain myself from clubbing the guy in the orange shorts with my kickboard when he darted diagonally into my lane for the seventy-fourth time. It was a major personal victory, believe me.

My classes were great, my lunch (leftover chicken and rice from last night) was nummy, and I accumulated one heck of a ta-done! list by the time I left the school at 5:20. I stay late on Tuesdays because Sherm’s at daycare and I don’t need to rush home, so cruising along at maximum efficiency can often help me almost catch up on my school tasks.

I even had a rocking good hair day. Springy curls in abundance!

When I picked my speckled pup up, there was a note from the lovely folks at daycare saying that the weird bump on his forehead finally dried up, fell right off, and left some minor bleeding that they treated with peroxide and a little pressure. I have a feeling there was a cookie or two involved in the first aid procedures, too. This was excellent news because it was one of those boo-boos where I was on a seven day countdown; if it wasn’t better by the weekend, I was planning to take him in. Not investing at least a hundred dollars at the vet for a wee bump equals a good afternoon.

After I met a friend I hadn’t seen in way too long for Swiss Chalet, I stopped at Stupid Store for a few critical groceries including fruit for my lunch tomorrow. When I leaned down to grab the reusable shopping bags on the passenger’s side floor of my SUV, I caught a whiff of something rather foul. Worried that perhaps something had rolled out of my lunch bag last week and was festering under the seat (it’s happened before) I searched a little more intently for the source of the stink. Strangely, it was an odour I’d smelled before.

It wasn’t until I turned my head while stretching to pat around under the seat that I realized the source of the smell was me. Classy, I know. I ran back through the day’s events to my early morning swim, after which I showered, dressed, and got pretty at the pool before popping into the school for my 8:30 class. Somehow, I forgot to apply my antiperspirant today. To make matters more painful, scents are highly discouraged in city pools, so I didn’t even spritz myself with a little perfume before going to class.

Tuesday was August 30th; that’s the summertime; it’s hot outside and hotter inside. I taught all day, ran errands, and had dinner out before I realized my pits having a shindig. Kind of sad that despite me buying peaches, tomatoes, and a giant pineapple, the ripest thing in the car tonight was me.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Great post! I love your way with language!

    1. Kay at Blue Speckled Pup says:

      Thank you! How nice to start my day with a compliment. : )

  2. Cinderella says:

    You really are an interesting writer, Kay. And I’m a picky wench who reads at least a dozen books a month and gets bored with most of them very quickly and doesn’t finish. I like your stuff. You keep the reader engaged all the time.

    It sounds like you really DID have a great Tuesday, rocking curls and all:)

    (the guy in the pool moving lanes like that — Maybe he’s too clueless or inconsiderate to know and someone needs to warn him politely that if it happens again, he’s gonna get bonkered but good!

    It is so true about deodorant. You’d think a good long hot shower with soap and water would be enough, but it really isn’t.

  3. Janet says:

    Still a good day though — at least no one told you that you were funky!

    1. Kay at Blue Speckled Pup says:

      That’s true. I think the kids were behaving well in class that day because they were afraid I’d need to come to their desks to straighten them out. Maybe funk has its perks?

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