Mammal Mondays: Please Help Spike

Today’s installment of Mammal Mondays, most unfortunately, is not among the lighthearted animal tales I usually write to start the week. I’m sharing the story of a poor dog who suffered unbelievably this weekend in hopes that someone can help bring the person who hurt him to justice.

This is Spike, a much-loved Boston Terrier who belongs to Dillon, the brother of a woman named Crystal; I’ve known her since elementary school.

Spike on a happy day this summer.

On Friday night, Spike escaped from the house in Drayton Valley, Alberta, and disappeared. His family was out for the evening and were distraught to find him missing, and sought help through Facebook, phone calls, and all available means to locate Spike, but he was no where to be found. They scoured the small town where I grew up, hoping that someone somewhere had found Spike and was searching for his owners.

Saturday, Spike’s family received a message from a man who believed they had located Spike. The little dog was found suffering in a garbage can, beaten to the verge of death, with a plastic bag wrapped around his throat. He was just barely alive. The man who found Spike took him to the vet and was advised to euthanize him immediately due to the extent of his injuries. Thankfully, Spike’s hero decided it would be best to give him at least a chance to recover and, after ensuring the poor dog was given medication to ease his considerable pain, took him home where Spike was lovingly cared for until his family was located.

Spike was reunited with his grateful family late Saturday. His body is covered with bruises, cuts, and scrapes, and several of his teeth are broken. At this time, the vet expects, thankfully, that he will recover in time from his extensive injuries. Both the police and two veterinarians have confirmed that Spike’s injuries indicate he was beaten by a person hoping to inflict pain, and that there is no evidence to suggest he was struck by a car or attacked by another animal. Another dog was found beaten to death in the same area this weekend.

Crystal’s and Dillon’s family is devastated by this violent crime. Spike is a much loved family member, and she commented when she sent me this photo that Spike loves kids and has taken it upon himself to protect her infant daughter. Dillon, Spike’s owner, is diabetic and was hospitalized for part of the weekend because the stress of the attack on Spike affected his blood sugar levels. Crystal also spent time in the emergency room due to panic attacks caused by her understandable emotional response to this situation.

Spike with family.

Most frightening for me, as an animal lover and a person who works with children, is the fact that the garbage can where Spike was dumped is very near an elementary school. Statistics prove that individuals who habitually commit violent crimes against people, such as assault and murder, begin their abuse of living things by torturing animals. I shudder to think that a person who has so little respect for life is on the loose in my home town, near a school. If a person thinks so little about causing this kind of pain to an animal, how many steps away might this person be from harming a human being?

The community has banded together to find the person responsible for beating Spike and leaving him to die, alone, hurting, and terrified. A collection has been started, supported heavily by Indigo Petz and other local businesses and individuals, to offer a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or people who beat Spike, an attack which is possibly related to the other poor dog found dead this weekend. My sincere hope is that the perpetrators can be arrested before any more animals, and the humans who love them, suffer the kind of devastation Crystal, Dillon, and their family have been immersed in this weekend.

If you have any information about this violent crime, please contact the Drayton Valley RCMP at (780)542-4457. If you prefer, please email me using the “Contact Kay” link at the top of my homepage here at Blue Speckled Pup, and I will pass any tips along to the police, anonymously if you prefer.

We need to find the individual responsible, and we need to do it immediately. Thank you for your support.

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  1. Leslie says:

    I am, generally, a calm and easy going person. Reading what happened to Spike immediatley made my blood boil! I want to string up that horrible human being by a rope and leave him to suffer. My pets are my family, and it sickens me when people treat any animals less than that. Is there a fund to help pay for Spike’s medical bills? I worked in a animal hospital for a while and know that good medicine doesn’t come cheap. I’d love to help in any way I can.

    1. Hi Leslie,

      There is a collection underway to help Spike’s family pay his expenses, and another to offer a reward for information that leads to the arrest of the person who attacked him. I know a bank account, which has been offered by a local branch with no fees or admin charges, will be opened tomorrow for people who want to donate but don’t live in the area.

      I, too, am so sickened by the whole thing. As well as the other dog found dead this weekend, there have been reports of cats disappearing in the area. I have close friends who live two blocks away from where Spike was found and they are keeping their pets indoors.

  2. Cinderella says:

    That absolutely breaks my heart. Oh that poor other dog. Rest in peace, sweet one.
    Poor Spike. Oh my. That is HORRIBLE.
    I want to donate and catch that muthafucka and put his ass in jail forver – or even better after the townspeople have beaten the living crap out of him first.
    That poor dog. Oh my.

    E-mail me tomorrow with the info. for donating, please? I will pay-pal it if I can or can I make a transfer via credit card?

    1. Well, it is a small town, and I imagine most of them own pitchforks…
      We are hopeful this person, or “person” as a friend referred to him/her is caught soon so the people who live back home can sleep better at night without such cruelty loose on the streets.
      I will gladly get you that information. Thanks so much.

  3. Poor, poor Spike. I almost started crying when I read your post. Thank you for sharing such a difficult story, and please keep us posted on ways to donate.

    1. So many people are reaching out to support Spike and to help the community locate the attacker. I will have an account number tomorrow where donations can be made that will be split 50/50 between the fund for Spike’s medical bills and the reward intended to help catch the person responsible for this crime.

      Thank you for your support.

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