I See Bendy People

Sunday, at the outset of a week where I don’t really have time for anything but the enormous stack of work on my desk (thank you, report cards) my momma called to say she had an extra ticket for a show tonight.

What show, you ask? Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour, the Cirque de Soleil production. I’m not shouting part of that title: for some reason the Cirque people decided to make those words all caps. I guess Michael deserves it, but it irks the English teacher in me.

I have approximately six minutes to finish typing this post, toss on my coat, and walk to the LRT station. I refuse to try to park in the arena mish-mosh for tonight’s show, and I would rather pay three bucks to hop the train than to fight seven thousand other cars for a fifteen dollar spot. Public transportation works for me! If I really hurry, I could even find a moment to smear on a little lip gloss.

Here we are. It’s a school night, and I’m going out on the town. Part of me feels pretty naughty to have plans besides school work on a Tuesday, as if I’m going to get in trouble for having a life on a weeknight, even if I’m meeting up with my mom, who is so not a bad ass.

I hope your Tuesday was awesome, and that you’re recovering admirably from the sugar-coma Halloween hides behind its mask. I’m off to see the most flexible folks in the world!

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  1. I hope it was great!

    1. It was so incredible. I want to go to Vegas now to see more Cirque shows. Now I just need the money to go…

  2. tamarapaulin says:

    That sounds awesome! I’m going to see David Sedaris on Saturday. Yay for shows!

    1. Hey, I’m seeing David Sedaris tonight(a school night)! I will let you know how it goes!

      1. Look at us, going out and rebelling on a school night. I even added a little extra eyeliner to add to my bad-assitude.

    2. One of my other readers is seeing him, but not anywhere near Canada. Mr. Sedaris gets around, huh?

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