The Punctuation Force Strikes Back!

For several weeks now, I’ve displayed a poster advertising my school’s new senior high book club in the entryway of my classroom. I’m not running the book club but I am pleased to help the students access as much literature as possible, and promoting the book club is one wee way for me to do so.

At the end of the day today, after I’d already punched the button on my keychain to warm up my Element, I noticed someone had sloppily scrawled “no thank’s” in ink on the book club poster. As one of the few, the proud, and the anal who have taken a sacred vow to uphold the rules of punctuation and intervene when those rules are broken, I was forced to react. I dropped my bag loaded with marking right there in the hallway and stormed back to my desk to respond to the atrocity.

Rather than correct the faulty punctuation directly on the poster, thus adding to the vandalism and making things no better, I wrote a message to the hallway vandal (who probably thinks he or she is hilarious) and taped it to the poster. I chose to print, despite my cursive being much more elegant, to ensure even the students who claim they “can’t read handwriting” could read the message. The school and teacher’s names have been removed for privacy reasons. They might not want to be associated with a vigilante like me.

Punctuation errors make me lose my mind!

If I get any nerdier, I’m going to get a recurring role on The Big Bang Theory. Bazinga!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh my gosh Kay that’s hilarious!!

    1. The kids were laughing about it at school today, too. Well, the ones who got the irony were laughing.

  2. I LOVE it! Great response!

    1. Thank you. I am nothing if not sarcastic!

  3. Cinderella says:

    Illiteracy annoys me. It says someone didn’t take the time to think things out.
    Can you say Lazy? Careless? Indifferent?

    Now please forgive all of my spelling errors in your comment section over the last year.

    1. I think it’s the laziness that gets to me, Cinderella. Good grammar, punctuation, and spelling aren’t rocket science, and there are lots of resources people could use to ensure they’re correct, but few actually invest the time.

      If you’ve made a spelling error, lady, it’s news to me. 🙂

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