Running on Empty

Remember the last time you were so tired that you didn’t want to get out of bed? One of those times when the thought of leaving the snugness of your pillows seemed impossible?

That’s how the whole week has felt for me. School and life have been so nutso lately that I have hardly been able to keep my eyes open as I work, even on things I usually enjoy. There have been moments I worried I might doze off right in the middle of something.

Truthfully, I’ve sometimes driven with my windows down a couple of blocks at a time this week to keep my eyes open. It’s a Canadian survival tactic. Really, all I’ve wanted to do most days lately is grab my favourite cuddler and go for a nap.

My focus is the two more teaching days I need to survive before going for hand surgery on Wednesday. I’m sure I might have a meltdown or two. I have to get my giant stack of marking done before I go, as well as prepare for the sub, plus wrangle sugar-filled pre-Christmas teenagers during school hours. It’s going to be a frantic few days, and I just need to focus on chewing through one big task at at time, regardless of how exhausted I am.

I need considerably more sleep to really reach maximum pleasantness and productivity. Tell Santa I’m trying really hard to be nice, please. Maybe the jolly old guy can cut me a little slack this year.

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  1. Good luck with the surgery! I will send good thoughts your way. Love all of the pics, BTW. Especially the one of Sherman cuddling his stuffed animal!

    1. Thank you! He was such a cute little booger as a baby; I snapped that shot on his first day in the dollhouse.
      I appreciate the good thoughts. I’m already sleeping poorly while I worry about my little procedure.

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