The Tinkle King

The Electrician, as well as his sister and her little guy, came with me to take Sherman for a burn around the dog park this afternoon. We enjoyed the sunshine in spite of a brisk wind that left us all with flushed cheeks, and Sherm had a great time racing across the field with the other dogs, tongues flapping away.

Any male dog owner knows that part of the “joy” of allowing our boys off-leash is the frequent marking off all available objects in the dog park (by the mutts, not us). In the winter months, frozen urine can be seen all over the posts, garbage cans, and tree trunks because there are few things a pooch appreciates more than an opportunity to show his peeing prowess.

Sherman outdid himself today. While playing with rather timid basset hound puppy, he chased his long-eared friend amiably back to her human. When the basset tried to hide against her mom’s legs, Sherman suddenly wheeled, cocked his leg, and attempted to let fly all over the smaller dog. As if owning a pooch who decided to pee on another dog at the park wasn’t enough, Sherman was way too tall and way too close to the basset to hit his target.

Instead, he emptied his bladder down the woman’s leg. Because the pressure of his stream was considerable, he absolutely soaked her pants and shoe. Most of me was shudderingly embarrassed, probably about 90%. There was 10%, though, and I’m not proud of this, that immediately thought, “That’s going on the blog later.”

I know I’m a bad person, but at least it’s been decades since I’ve peed on someone.

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  1. Perfect! That’s why these things happen, you know, so you can share and the rest of us can have a chuckle. We should carry around business cards with our blog address on them, so we can hand them out to people like the poor peed upon basset owner and say, “I’m sorry, but if it’s any consolation you can read about this later on my blog.”

    1. Funny how we start looking at our mishaps as blog fodder, isn’t it. I suppose it helps us to maintain a positive attitude, right? You know we’re bloody chipper.

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