Paw Repair, Take One for Take Two

I’m having hand surgery tomorrow morning at 11:45. I am really nervous, but I had my Ativan prescription filled tonight, so about an hour before I’m strapped to a table like a curly-headed letter “T” tomorrow, I’ll tuck a little blue marvel under my tongue and kiss my anxiety goodbye. Mwah!

This is not an advertisement for prescription drugs. I don’t recommend lorazepam as a general rule, and I’m certainly not a physician. The last time I took an anti-anxiety pill was in the hours before my hysterectomy, and that was four years ago. I’m just very, very glad to have a prescription to help me get through tomorrow.

After having my carpal tunnel release for the right paw in June, I am more than ready to take the drugs for round two. Well, drug, as in one pill, but still, I’m good to go. Last time, I asked person after person who had something to do with my surgery if I could please be somehow sedated, and no one helped me. I am taking no chances this time. The last thing I want is to feel that needle tomorrow. You don’t know the meaning of sting until you’ve had a nerve block in your wrist. Truly, I think I’ll probably feel the needle: I am just relieved that I shouldn’t really care when the chips are down, and I’m prepare to take what I can get.

Think happy thoughts for me tomorrow, pretty please. I’ll be typing right-handed for a bit.

Tonight, though, when I really should wash up the dishes and wrap the Christmas presents, I think I’m going to play Donkey Kong while I still can. Life is all about priorities, right?

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  1. I am thinking happy, happy thoughts for you! I hope everything has gone okay! Enjoy your drug-induced dreams!

    1. Sadly, drugs do not give me happy dreams. I actually dreamt that I cut one end off my house to use as a sailboat. I live quite a distance from the nearest lake, too!

  2. wildirish16S says:

    Donkey Kong is definitely something that I would make time for! 🙂 Dishes and wrapping can be done later with some help from a friend. Good luck and happy healing thoughts are coming your way from me and Piper.

    1. Thanks ladies. We are plugging along over here, and wrapping the light presents one at a time.

  3. Carol says:

    I would probably play World of Warcraft all night….lol

    1. I never got into that game, but I think whatever makes a girl happy (and distracts her from the looming medical trauma) is what needs to happen.

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