Dangerous Predator

Like all predators at the top of the food chain, Stevie, my golden mystery snail, takes great pains to ensure no competitors challenge her for her dinner. The animal kingdom functions on a system of dominance and supremacy. Little does Stevie know, since I don’t think snails have brains as such, that she IS the food chain her little aquarium. I toss her something green; she gnaws away at it until it breaks down in the water; it’s a tiny but effective cycle.

Just as a cougar would drag a deer to the top of a tree to devour it in peace, or a leopard would haul a smaller creature with less intimidating teeth and toenails skyward in an effort to eat it undisturbed, Stevie somehow lifts her “prey” into the closet thing she has to a tree. Note that she does all this without limbs.

Here she is, balancing somehow on a plastic water plant (she would simply eat living flora) and chomping away on her favorite meal: green bean.

Stevie always eats her greens!

The legume almost equals her in size, yet she hauls that sucker determinedly up the plant stalk and then balances there most of the day, chewing away. You can see the marks from whatever she has that’s like teeth (it’s rather like a tiny cheese grater inside her mouth) on the side of the bean.

That’s right, folks, public mastication, right here at Blue Speckled Pup! Happy Friday!

copyright 2011:  http://bluespeckledpup.com

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