Mammal Mondays: A Creepy Kind of Love

Lest you think The Electrician is all mushy romance, please be advised he brought me a box of body parts last week. Technically, the random bits of carcass were for this dude:

I took this photo back in the fall, so I converted it to black and white to indicate its historical value. I'm all about subtle clues.

In the interest of further clarity, and before you think my sweetie is a serial killer or a surgeon specializing in amputations who likes to take his work home with him, let me explain that The Electrician had stopped by our local farm and feed store to choose some treats for the pooch. Poor Sherman was beside himself with joy when he realized the doggy joys waiting just beyond the cardboard.

For sheer variety, that box of goodies took the prize. Inside were beef shins, ankles, and knuckles. There were a couple smoked pig ears, and three or four bison tracheas. I’ve written about that nasty little treat before: Sherman adores them. Balanced on top of all the loot was the icing on the cake, although I certainly use that term loosely: a bully stick.

This was the bully stick to end all bully sticks. For the cat and gerbil people out there, a bully “stick” is the dried penis of a bull or steer. The Electrician bought one that was 36 inches long according to the wrapper; I suppose guys naturally want to go with the most impressive size of these sorts of items. Sherm’s big brown eyes just about fell out of his spotted head when he saw that thing, and he had to turn his head sideways to haul it from the kitchen to his pillow in front of the t.v.

The Electrician said he brought home all those nasty goodies not for the dog, but for me so I could get all the things I need to accomplish out of the way this break while the dog is distracted and happy. He’s the most thoughtful man I know.

After all, nothing says “I love you” like three feet of dried bovine genitals.

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  1. Cinderella says:

    Mr. Swish the akita puppy loves his bully sticks too.
    May Sherman have at least 2 days worth of distraction with that one alone!

    1. It was closer to three hours, Cinderella. Sherm is a mightily determined chewer. He was certainly excited about the thing, though.

  2. My life has been immeasurably enriched: until now I’d never heard of a bully stick! Funny, funny post.

    And it’s nice to meet a fellow Albertan (noticed your comment over at whatimeant2say – I was also having issues with the alfresco running).

    1. Sadly, this is a province where being really does have a time and a place. Welcome, fellow prairie dweller! Thanks so much for stopping in, and we hope to see you back.

  3. Wow. He is so romantic! That’s got to be the best gift ever! BTW, have you ever tried deer antlers with Sherman? Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B. love them – and they last a long time!

    1. He’s his own kind of romantic. I didn’t mention, and perhaps I should have, that he also brought me a bouquet of flowers the same evening. I love that dude.

    2. I’ve seen the antlers, but I was worried they might be too hard on his teeth. I might have another look, though, now that I have a recommendation.

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