Miss Sassy and Comic Book Fan Come to Town

My bestie, Miss Sassy, is moving to Edmonton! Imagine, if you will, that your best friend had lived in a city three hours away for the better part of a decade, then suddenly announced that she was moving to your neck of the woods. This is the same friend whose piano lives in my spare upstairs bedroom, meaning I will also get that space back when she gets here and wants her instrument back. As much as I pretend to be casual about her big move, I’m all in a flap about it on the inside (just to the left of my liver, in my flap centre).

This weekend, Miss Sassy and her boyfriend, Comic Book Fan, are making a road trip from Calgary to Edmonton to look at houses here. I keep steering her toward my end of the city, but I know that when the right house reveals itself it could be somewhere far away from the dollhouse. At least she’ll be living closer than she has lately, right. I should be able to see her a few times a month rather than twice a year.

Comic Book Fan appeared in Miss Sassy’s life early this fall. She is one of those take-no-prisoners type of women who is smart, gorgeous, and totally bad-ass, and she’s been waiting for a long time to finally find a man who can keep up with her. They walked his dog for their first date (big points with me on that one) and the rest is history. I’m so excited to see Miss Sassy so flippin’ happy, and I’m already sending her photos of cute outfits I find when I’m out and about.

Note that those cute outfits are for infants. I want to be an “auntie.” No pressure though.

I’m so looking forward to this weekend, when the four of us have a double dinner date. That’s two couples, not two dinners. Out of the four of us, sadly, I have the most boring pseudonym. I may have to work on that.

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  1. Carol says:

    So how did the dinner date go? Did you all have a ball? And I love the psuedonyms on your blog. Too late to change Kay though. Mine are boring too. “Bluebell” is not very imaginative…lol I no longer use them for the boys…..but the animals are “the fat one”, “the sweet one”, the “simple one”, and “the terrorist”

    1. Dinner is still upcoming: I’ll let you know after Saturday. I’ve always thought “Bluebell” was an adorable nickname: what better than a beautiful flower to call your beloved?
      “The terrorist” is my favourite of your animal code names. I once owned a cat like that who wandered the house at night howling if the temperature wasn’t quite right in his water bowl or if he felt the need to respond to anything else he interpreted as a slight.

  2. That is so great for you! It is so nice to have a really good friend close by. Have fun at dinner!

    Don’t worry about your pseudonym. Technically, I don’t even have one. Unless you count Mrs. Cap’n Firepants or Wonderbutt’s mom.

    1. I know! I have had a terrible time deciding what to call you when I mention you on my blog! Maybe you should come up with something both regal and sassy. I like “Grand Empress of All Good Things,” but I’ve already picked my pseudonym and can’t go back.

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