The 300th Post

Here we are, on the last day of Christmas break (boo) and I’m writing my 300th post (yay). It seems funny to me that I’m at this point already in my year of blogging daily, but here we are. I’m feeling pretty good about plugging along so far and not missing a day.

Big fat thanks to all the readers who take time out of their lives to read my blog. I love you guys, and it really makes my heart warm and tingly to see my stats counter tick upward throughout the day. I appreciate you being here and I hope you’ll stick around.

I’m not sure if I’ll maintain my rather intense blogging schedule after I reach the magic one year mark. Honestly, there have been days when sitting down to hammer out something at least partially intelligent for Blue Speckled Pup has been a struggle. There have been times when I’ve raced home from an evening out or peeled myself away from my marking at 11:30 to meet the midnight deadline I’ve imposed upon myself. I am going to do my best to keep my work here fun and interesting, and that might mean trimming things back a touch.

I had a fleeting idea for a great analogy about blogging and fingernails, but my brain hurts from marking and stress, and I couldn’t get it squared away in my head. Sorry. Maybe another day.

Ideally, once the first anniversary of my little blog rolls around, I think I’ll write for Blue Speckled Pup four or five times a week, and invest the time that less-ambitious schedule frees up to work on my more serious writing. I have two novels (very) partially completed that I’d like to finish and try to get published. It would make me a happy woman to see some sort of revenue from my writing beyond the much-appreciated encouragement from my loyal following.

As I always seem to (stupidly) do, I’ve left too much marking for the final days of my break, so today is packed with scoring major projects, essays, and business letters, and trying to assemble my plans for tomorrow. I feel pretty tense about it, actually, somewhere in the outskirts of queasy.

And there isn’t even any dark chocolate in my house to help me cope. Cocoa is my drug of choice, after all.

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  1. I will be curious to read about the connection between blogging and fingernails! Congrats on your 300th post!

    1. Thank you! I’ll try to write that analogy one of these days!

  2. carolrood says:

    Congrats on your 300th post> A understand about scaling back. Thank goodness I have a blogging partner so we can pick up each other’s slack. That helps tremendously. Especially during November when I signed us up for NABLOPOMO. Susan was fit to be tied….snicker…snicker

    1. A blogging partner seems like a great idea! Thanks for the encouragement; hard to believe so much time has passed already.

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