Mammal Mondays: Lounge Lizards

There is a slight problem in the dollhouse of late. It’s been building for some time, but it’s now perfectly clear: Sherman and Leroy are leeches. They just want to lay about the house while I do all the cooking, cleaning and cat box scooping. Behold:

He spent the whole day like this.

Yesterday, I marked exams and planned lessons and did other teacher things, and Leroy just slept in his squishy bed. Then tonight, I slaved over a hot stove –okay, a rather warm microwave– and Sherman watched me, his legs crossed in a picture of total relaxation.

I get the feeling he's taking advantage of my generous heart.

He almost always crosses his ankles when he lies around now. I think he is doing it to express his life of utter luxury. If he didn’t have to poop in the yard, I would declare his the perfect life.

Oh, how I would love to lay around all day in front of the heat vent. Maybe I can schedule some total laziness in for Saturday.

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  1. Is it just the angle of the picture, or has Leroy perhaps been doing a little too much relaxing?

    1. I asked him, and he stalked away with his tail in the air.

  2. tamara says:

    Oh, my cats help. They help me type on the computer. Help make the bed. Help me make dinner by sampling …

    1. Leroy doesn’t help me type as much as he tries to knock my laptop onto the floor. Thankfully he doesn’t sample my dinner while I’m cooking since I chased him with the wooden spoon.

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