A Feat of Engineering

My sweetie can fix anything. Remember when he stopped the radio antenna on the back of my Element from punching holes in my new and expensive garage door? The Electrician is a stellar engineer of minor things. He can and drummed up many things with stuff he’s found around the house and a few random parts from Home Depot. Heck, he was even responsible for the rigging behind my award winning Halloween costume this year, because a work of art is much more effective when it’s hanging straight.

Today he completed yet another practical task. I acquired a slightly used elliptical machine from a friend earlier this week. It was too small for her, but since she has legs like the road runner and I have legs like a komodo dragon, the stride length seems to work for me. I may be taking my life in my hands every time I try to hurdle a concrete parking lot barrier, but my short limbs mean I can make good use of entry-level fitness equipment. Booyah!

When we dragged it through the back door of the dollhouse, simultaneously jumping the step into the kitchen and breaking the bolted-on water bottle holder into four pieces, I noticed the elliptical machine had no book ledge. I suppose this was a feature I should have investigated before hauling it home. My visions of reading e-book after e-book while trimming excess me were dashed.

Once it was in the living room, where an exercise machine needs to be if I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t exist, I started thinking about some way to read and “run” at the same time. I need something interesting to distract me from the fact that I’m sweating and running to nowhere in particular when there is a perfectly good leather sectional five feet to the north. I imagined something elaborate to suspend my Kobo in the space between the upright handles. It involved clipboard, a big rubber band, and two white vinyl erasers as spacers to keep the rubber band from turning pages before I was ready.

Yesterday I asked The Electrician if he had any ideas for a Kobo suspension system. He said, “Ummm,” rubbed his beard,  and told me he was going to Home Depot. (Sometimes I think he just goes there to relax, like when I spend an hour in a bubble bath.) Tonight after dinner he unveiled his work.

There's room for two Kobos, an iPod, and a blueberry muffin.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a solution for life by The Electrician if it didn’t involve some kind of electrical hardware.

The view from the underbelly.

This time, the project called for those nifty metal brackets. I asked. They’re called electrical conduit couplings. High tech stuff. Oops. The Electrician just clarified. They are “one inch EMT couplings.” How snazzy.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to test out my book holder. I might even go for a jog to nowhere while I’m reading.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. FL Liz says:

    I laughed at “and a blueberry muffin”. All kidding aside, being inventively handy is a sexy quality in a man. I’ve been blessed with having a husband with the same gene. That gizmo looks like a good entertainment center for your new exercise equipment . I also have the length of limbs that harbor no ill will to the leg room on an airplane. Advantages to short legs are few, but they do exist.

  2. That Electrician of yours is definitely a Keeper.

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