One of the professional photographers who snapped my picture at the costume contest last weekend sent me the best shot this morning. Wahoo! The event was the Oh Susannah! Halloween show, and we had a riot as usual. Oh Susannah! is a live theatre production that takes the form of a talk show blended with a variety show, and every Halloween the members of the audience dress up and compete for prizes and prestige. This year, I was victorious. I was also tremendously uncomfortable as I perched on edge of a theatre seat balancing a giant painting and trying not to scratch my gluesticked eyebrows.

Did I mention that the show’s host, Susannah, is a man dressed like a woman? I think the actor who plays Susannah can appreciate my battle with the gluestick. Certainly, he’s brilliant and the character is hilarious.

Here I am up close in my Mona Lisa costume. The photo is distorted by the type of lens, I think, so keep in mind that my head appears much larger here than it is in real life. I promise I do not look like a renaissance Pez dispenser on a day to day basis.

Special thanks to William Lau for taking this photo and sending it my way!

Much better than the shot I took with my phone.

If you’d like to see a squarely-facing photo of my homemade Mona Lisa costume, click here to go back to the original post. Halloween was so much fun this year that I can’t wait to start planning my costume for 2012.

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  1. That is awesome! You look fabulous! Way to go with the disappearing eyebrows!

    1. Thank you ladies! I’m please with how it turned out, and wondering what I can do to top it next year. Luckily, I have some time to plan.

  2. Don’t suppose you still have this, and could rent it to me for a Roman Halloween party I’m attending this year? Guess the shipping from Canada to TX would be astronomical…

    1. I think the shipping would be brutal! Still, I think I could rent it out if you were closer, provided you never left it unattended in the presence of your bulldog. 🙂

      1. You are wise to include the Bulldog Addendum!

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