The Scary Maze Game

Working with teenagers has many advantages. For one, I know what all the “hip” music is for a given week purely based on what songs I hear being belted into combs, pencil cases, and lacrosse sticks in the hallway. Next, I am well aware what painfully young celebrities I otherwise wouldn’t give a rip about are up to. Best of all, though, is that working with junior and senior high school kids keeps me on top of the latest and greatest things on the internet.

In my art class this afternoon, the kids were talking about an internet game called The Scary Maze Game. Apparently, the idea is to guide a little blip through an increasingly difficult maze rendered in graphics of a quality last seen in 1988. Doesn’t sound too thrilling, does it? The catch is that your blip can’t touch the side, and if it does, a horrible, disgusting monster or demon or something else terrifying face pops–screaming– up to scare the snot out of you.

To be more exact, a girl in my class stated, “You don’t understand how scary it is. Holy crap, is it awful. I played it once, and I literally peed in my pants.”

“You know ‘literally’ means you actually wet yourself and were sitting in a puddle,” I corrected. It’s amazing how often kids mix up literally and figuratively. I’ve had kids describing how their mothers “literally bit their heads off” coming to school with no scars and no stitches, and all original body parts intact.

My student looked at me through narrowed eyes. “I realize what it means,” she huffed, “I actually peed all over myself.”

Apparently, kids these days need to find better things to do for fun. At the very least, perhaps they need to keep what they do for fun to themselves. Pee jokes are only funny among the very juvenile.

Mind you, there was that time I peed on my housecoat and told you all about it.

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  1. tAmArA [_] says:

    HAHHAH! I do NOT want to play the scary maze game. 😦 And yet I do. Oh dear goodness me, but that is awfully funny that she peed.

    1. What is even funnier is what she said when she told me, only part of which was appropriate to publish here. I too have sworn off ever playing that stupid game.

  2. Hilarious! You must have come across the one person, who is not a teacher, who actually knows the true meaning of “literally”. And, now I have to go check out the Scary Maze game.

    1. Be careful with that game! You might wet yourself, literally, and for “reals.” If you knew this kid, you’d be as astounded that she knew the difference as I was.

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