Helping the Less-Fortunate

I try to make life better for people who haven’t been as blessed as I have. Sometimes, opportunities simply arise that allow me to provide other with joy. Tonight is one of those occasions.

Can you believe The Electrician has never seen Dirty Dancing? Out of the goodness of my heart, I’m rectifying that issue tonight. No one should be deprived of one of the staples of a rich and fulfilling life.

It’s the Family Day Long Weekend (hallelujah) and the thought of three days off is beautiful to the verge of pain. The Electrician and I have collapsed on the couch to watch a movie, and it’s my pick. We’ve watched way too many “boy” movies lately. We agreed that tonight was my pick, and I’ve chosen well. I figure a little Patrick Swayze makes every Saturday better, and now The Electrician will actually get the little quips I make during our Monday night beginners’ ballroom class.

Ah, we’re at the scene with the watermelons and the pelvic swinging. The Electrician just said, “How would it feel to walk into a room, and have everyone applaud and cheer for you?” How funny to watch someone see Dirty Dancing for the first time.

“Oh honey,” I replied, “that’s Patrick Swayze. It’s illegal not to clap when he enters a room.” My sweetie has a lot to learn.

In the end, it’s all about improving the lives of people around me, and I’m always happy to give back.

And I’d like some watermelon.

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  1. That is so weird. I hadn’t even read this post yet when I mentioned Dirty Dancing on my post. Eerie.

    1. I hadn’t read yours either. Perhaps we are karmically connected by our weird dogs? Truly the greatest film of all time, right?

  2. tAmArA [_] says:

    BEST MOVIE ever! I think they played some of the songs from the movie on last week’s American Idol, which may explain it bubbling up in the group consciousness.

    During the summer, I had Husband watch DD for the first time, and he agreed it was actually a really good movie. Then in the fall, the first episode of “New Girl” featured the movie prominently.

    Such a great movie!! So feminist and forward for the time. Goodness me, do we have any modern movies coming out these days that have a woman’s reproductive choices (or lack of) as a central theme? So timely.

    1. Now that I see it as a grown up, I really do appreciate the feminist structure of the movie. It also makes me cringe about many of the proposals in the states that threaten to create a surge in illegal abortions, which is a dark, pathetic part of history that should never be revisited.

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