Mammal Mondays: Family Day Footwork

The problem with a long weekend, particularly one in the middle of an Alberta winter, is the inclination to lay about the house three days running. Never mind that this winter has pretty much passed us by and that it’s been just below freezing for a week. It seems all the boys and I have wanted to do is indulge our lazy sides.

Case in point:

Blue Specked Lump

Finally, with the sun shining and the birds chittering away, I grabbed Sherman’s leash and took him out for some fresh air late this afternoon. I forget how much I enjoy long dog walks once we’re a few months into winter. Either the sidewalks are utterly treacherous, or the wind is literally cold enough to freeze the tits off a bear (that’s why they hibernate, right?) and we do all our extended walking indoors on the treadmill. Today was glorious. Sherm and I trotted along for almost 45 minutes, round trip. This bodes well for walks a few months from now, when we will surely go at least an hour at a time.

This photo was taken on a street that is across from a park and gets full sun all day; there are no apartment buildings around to block the view or the light. There is snow pretty much everywhere else, but this street make me eager for spring around the corner.

It's hard to get a photo of a dog who really wants to be on the move, sniffing stuff.

Sometimes, when Sherm and I are out strolling, I let my imagination take me on a bit of a vacation, and I create a scenario in my mind where some adoring fan darts across the road to say hello. If I’m feeling particularly over-dramatic, I have that person narrowly dodge death on the grill of an ice cream truck or mail truck, or some such vehicle. I’ve never really had illusions of grandeur for myself, particularly since it isn’t my face this wee blog features prominently. I would love, just once for a person I’ve never met before to run over and ask, “Hey, isn’t that Sherman, the spotted dog from that witty blog?”

Yes, yes he is. Sorry that he’s seen fit to introduce himself by sniffing your business.

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  1. I dream about things like that, but I think it might kind of freak me out if it actually happened.

    1. You mean actually having a day to enjoy just relaxing? Or a winter with snow?

      1. Being recognized by a stranger 😉

      2. Ah, yes. That’s what I get for checking my messages too early in the morning.

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