Enough Already

I went back to the physiotherapist this afternoon for my weekly date with the needles. For the last month and a bit, my hands have been cramping up and aching in new places, and I’m more than a little concerned about this new digression. According to the physiotherapist, I seem to have developed tendonitis on top of my slow to heal–and apparently now recurring– carpal tunnel issues. Apparently now that one of the ligaments in each of my wrists has been cut and left open to reduce the pressure on my main nerve in the area, my hands have probably adopted a slightly different position when I work. This new position has thrown the whole works out of the original alignment and is causing me considerable pain and angst.

In the most basic terms possible, my paws are angry. They are rampaging, “Hulk Smash” style. I am awkward and extra clumsy right now, so much so that the first thing I did Monday morning was pee, and the second thing I did was knock my entire tube of toothpaste into the toilet. My handwriting is also the pits right now, which is significant but less an issue than losing yet another tube of Aquafresh.

The whole scene has me frustrated and as cranky as a miniature poodle in a molasses flood. I had four acupuncture needles placed today, which is double what I was having three weeks ago (shudder). Double the needles means I am doubly nauseated by it. Bah! Ick! Crap. I am having regular physiotherapy that features laser, ultrasound, massage, TENS, and acupuncture treatments. I don’t really know what else to do at this point. I’m about at the end of my patience about it.

Recommended treatment for my tendonitis? Ice, rest, elevation. Funny that spells “ire,” isn’t it. I can do ice and elevation, but rest part is going to have to wait a few more weeks for spring break to arrive. Unfortunately, since I teach English and spend way too many hours outside school marking stuff, true rest is basically impossible during the school year.

Apparently everything is inflamed, including my temper. Stupid tendons. Stupid carpal tunnel.

Please excuse my paw-related funk. I will be back to my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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  1. Cinderella says:

    I am so sorry you have been handed such a handful of hurt! Spring Break cannot come soon enough. As you said, aside from resting it, you are doing all that can possibly be done for it.
    Sending healing wishes your way.

    1. I got your healing wishes, Cinderella. They were warm and fuzzy. Thanks so much!

  2. That is so hard! Especially for a teacher! I truly sympathize.

    1. Thanks, lady. I appreciate your support.

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