Proud Godmother

Excuse me for a few paragraphs while I tell you some amazing news about my awesome godson. The little guy is turning four at the end of the month, and he’s probably the cutest little blondie I know. It doesn’t hurt that he has curly hair and I’m partial to curls. Mr. T. loves animals and slides and is in an adorable huggy stage with his mom right now.

Mr. T. is also autistic.

It’s been almost a year since he was diagnosed, and this kid has come farther in the seven months of specialized preschool programming he’s had so far than we anticipated him progressing in several years. The right kind of support at school, and accurate and supportive information for his family to help him at home, has truly made a stunning difference for him. It’s becoming clear that my godson has a great future ahead of him, even if his life might go a little differently that what we originally planned for. He is talking up a storm, moving past many things that used to scare or upset him, and truly thriving in the routine that has been established for him.

In the last few weeks, Mr. T. has suddenly decided numbers and letters are fascinating. After a couple of practices with his dad, he now happily counts from one to one hundred correctly and unassisted, from memory. Today, his mom came over for dinner. She brought a piece of paper where my godson had spontaneously written his entire name today, from memory, and all by himself. The letters are all there, in order: his name is eight letters long. He even capitalized the T and left all the other letters lower-case. Score for the English teacher! I’d turn cartwheels over this if I could.

Mr. T. wandered nonchalantly up to his mother today to show her what he’d been working on. He held up his printed name and said, “Look Mom.”

When she realized, awestruck, what he had done, she exclaimed, “Holy s**t!” before she could catch herself. Then she was able to praise him exuberantly once the shock passed.

A few minutes later, he came over to visit his mom again, paper in hand. “Look Mom,” he grinned, then added, “holy s**t!”

The kid is a fast learner.

I am a proud Godmother.

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  1. lexy3587 says:

    Sounds like he’s got that same crazy-great memory my (high functioning autistic) sister has. Just wait until a few years have passed and he can still list off the names of everyone he’s ever been introduced to 😛 So great to hear that he’s getting the help he needs at such a young age.

    1. He definitely seems to be growing in leaps and bounds right now. I am so proud. I cried the first time he spoke to me over the phone.

      We are lucky that he was accepted into a preschool for children identified as being on the Autism spectrum; it has made a stunning difference in his life.

  2. I love stories like this that make me laugh and cry at the same time!

    1. Isn’t it awesome news! I was so excited to write this post.

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