Friday Nap

One of the best things about Fridays, besides the fact that the weekend is starting and I don’t generally do school work on Friday nights, is my ability to take a little nap after work. As much as I’d love to enjoy a snooze after work most days, a “quick” nap in my comfy bed generally leads to me sleeping three hours and waking up with pillow creases on my cheek and my contacts stuck to the insides of my eyelids. If I let myself lie down on a weeknight, when I’m almost always exhausted, like most people, I generally end up sleeping so long that I don’t get much marking done, and I fall further behind. Naps are one of the greatest temptations of my daily life, but I generally power through without succumbing to their siren chorus.

Today, though, my nap was beautiful. I came home from work, hung up my “school” clothes, and put on my fuzzy fuchsia housecoat. I poured myself a Diet Pepsi and threw a couple maraschino cherries in my mug. Then I located a chunk of dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel (which The Electrician brought over for me yesterday) and fired up my Kobo before crawling into my bed. By the time I finished nibbling my treat, I had read most of one short story and my eyes were about as heavy as snow pants in a swimming pool.

I wish I had time for a nap more often. My ninety minute snorefest today has left me feeling refreshed and very happy about life in general. I think daycares that turn the lights down and send the kids to the Land of Nod for a few hours every day have the right idea. How much would folks’ patience, pleasantness, and productivity improve if they got to take regular time to recharge themselves? I bet people would lose weight, too, because they would sleep right through that three o’clock snack phase.

Sadly, I teach junior and senior high school. If we implemented a nap system, the adult supervision required to prevent shenanigans, namely the type of activities that lead to surprise babies, would be astounding. There would really be no naps for the grown ups, and I’d be right back where I started.

How do we go from hating to go down for naps as little kids to missing them desperately in adulthood? It’s a sad little irony.

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  1. Cinderella says:

    So true. Afternoon naps are heavenly. I think when you are younger you just are go-go-go, and when you get a bit older, your body craves the rejuvenation of some down time.
    We need to talk to Mother nature about this:)

    1. You know, I think when my body craves sleep more than chocolate or spaghetti, it truly wants rest and rejuvenation. I’m trying to listen to what my body needs, even if it doesn’t always make the most “practical” use of my time.

  2. You had me at the dark chocolate. I love the Electrician!

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