So, I’m Not in London

I know I announced via Blue Speckled Pup that I was spending three days with The Electrician’s family in London before continuing on to Kuwait. While I suppose my limited understanding of UK geography is understandable, considering I’ve been on British soil for about 12 hours out of my entire life (all today) I really didn’t understand that I was landing in London–not staying there.

The Electrician’s lovely sister lives with her husband and toddler son near Brighton, in a gorgeous little village called Ditchling. On our way back to their turn-of-the-century home, we stopped up near the Jack and Jill Windmills on a vast hill overlooking the little villages and hamlets that dot the landscape.

Definitely not in London!

Ditchling is a wee little community filled with winding streets and little brick houses. The entire place seems to be growing, and most surfaces are covered in moss, ivy, and other green and growing things. It’s like a fairytale town, and I am madly in love with its character and beauty.

Just down the street from The Electrician's sister's house.

Tonight, we walked past a duck pond, the family black lab in tow, to enjoy a drink at a favourite local pub with a beautiful outdoor garden. After that, we went to the pub with the best food around, where dogs and kids alike joined their families at the table. It was such a delightfully relaxed environment compared to going out at home, and I am thrilled to have another two days to soak it in.

St. Margaret's Church, at a distance from beside the duck pond. You should have seen the stained glass inside.

For now, jet lag is kicking my sleep-deprived butt. I will have more tidmits from my UK adventure tomorrow, but please know I am here safe and sound, and pleasantly full of real English fish and chips.

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  1. It truly looks like something on a fantastical movie set! I’m so jealous!

    1. It was so wonderful. I felt like I was in a quaint little film the whole time.

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