The Boy is Back in Town

Thank you for all the encouraging messages you’ve sent us over the last few days since Leroy has been under the weather. I am relieved to report he is physically feeling better, even if he’s milking the “poor me” bit just a little to keep the sympathy snuggles coming. Luckily he’s thick enough to forget what I’m doing every twelve hours when I have to stick a syringe down his little throat to administer his medication. He seems to think I have a wonderful treat for him, and apparently has blotted out his memory of choking and sputtering on his kitty Xantac (chicken flavoured) only half a day earlier.

I am super excited for a barbeque with The Electrician’s family later today. His sister and wee nephew, whom I’ve nicknamed Short Circuit, have arrived from the UK for Grandpa’s 80th birthday celebration. This is exciting partly because my sweetie is close to his sister and partly because his nephew is unbelievably cute. The Electrician is shaping this kid early: Short Circuit is already on his second pair of Carhartts overalls, which are a perfect, if wee, match for his uncle’s big pairs.

Side bar: I love a man in work clothes. Some girls like a refined man in a suit. This girl prefers a man who works with his hands and wears canvas overalls. There’s something comforting about a guy who can fix stuff and lift heavy things. Luckily for me, my burly sweetie is all of the above. He’s also not afraid of spiders, which is a super bonus.

Since Short Circuit arrived in the world (two years ago this coming September) The Electrician has been the proudest uncle around, even if he’s largely doing it from across the pond. We’ve been shopping lately to upgrade the little guy’s original set of infant tools to a set appropriate for a kid who walks, talks, and feeds himself. It’s actually funny to shop for children’s toys with The Electrician, who has been disgusted lately that all the “good” sets of kids’ tools are rated 3+. Luckily, he’s sure, being a member of his family of rugged yet intelligent men, the kid can handle tools rated a little older than he in according to the calendar.

Here they are playing on a hillside in England during our spring visit.

How cute is that? Immeasurably cute is the correct answer.

The Electrician’s momma just sent me a photo of the kidlet sleeping in the monster jammies we picked out for him a few days ago. This child is precious, and he slept last night with this monster-covered butt up in the air.

Cue the “awwwwws.”

I am so looking forward to visiting tonight. My one day sister-in-law is lovely and just turned thirty too, and we don’t get to see her nearly enough. It will be great to catch up. By far the best part, though, will be watching my beloved with his wee nephew. There’s something about a big rugged guy playing with a tiny child that melts even the most icy heart. Since my heart is already pretty gooey, I’m certain I’ll sit in my lawn chair and watch the boys tumble about on the lawn, my ventricles collapsing into a puddle behind my ribs.

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  1. Jo Dee says:

    Awwww – short circuit has the best ‘auntie and uncle’ ever!!! I bet he’ll be close to you two forever. When you’re a little kid, that’s when the chance for the deepest attachments to happen over the years, with happy memories.

    1. We love him so much. He also cried during our wedding ceremony, which was good, because we got to focus on his cute tears and I got off the path to the “ugly cry” I was headed down.

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