On the Road Again

Technically, the only roads involved in the last leg of our journey to Kuwait are the runways in Heathrow, Frankfurt, and Kuwait City. There are about 8 more hours of flight left, which isn’t a thrilling prospect; I have decided to pray for smooth skies so The Electrician doesn’t have to peel my hands off the airplane armrests again. I am also well-aware that my Kobo is my best friend for days like today.

We should arrive in Kuwait shortly after eleven p.m. at night local time, and the arrival process is apparently rather interesting and lengthy. The Electrician and I cannot travel in Kuwait as an unmarried couple, so I am officially just “a friend of the family” for the next eleven days. Public displays of affection, including hand-holding, are pretty much forbidden. It’s going to be a tough go for us, since we’re a pair of mushballs, but we’ll get through. We’ve worked out a system of blinks to convey our feelings, which should look more like bad allergies than expressions of love.

I will do my best to get back to you once I’m officially online in Kuwait. We’ll be getting in so late today that I’m not sure what time jet lag and technology will permit me to write the next post. My sandals are in my carry-on bag, and I am ready for take-off.

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  1. Wow! 11 Days as a “friend of the family”! That would be the hardest part of the trip for me!

    1. We can’t even hold hands in public. It’s very strange, but we really appreciate being able to have a hug and a smooch when we’re back in the house.

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